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The VEMI is the only luxury energy delivery system that combines three distinct modalities, vibroacoustic, electromagnetic and far infrared heat. They envelope the body in millions of harmonic frequencies, which helps reset, restore and rebalance the integrity of our biological system.


How does it work?

The VEMI biosynchronizes the biostacking of three effective modalities with frequency waveforms. The millions of frequencies automatically target areas in the body that are low in cellular voltage. By using extremely low frequencies, the VEMI re-establishes coherence and order within the bio-physiology of the user. ​

The biosychronziation acts like a conductor syncing all the cells, tissues and body parts to vibrate at all the same time with the same intensity. When this happens, an altered state of consciousness can occur similar to the great sages, yogis and modern day shamans where you can transcend space and time and tap into your own personal heightened intuitive awareness for complete restoration, clarity and better health.

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