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Introducing the world's first powerful thermal-shock system. Neuskin by Open Sea comes with 2 ultra light wands dedicated for face or body. Redesigned wands with anti-tangle solution.

How does it work?

Neuskin utilizes 2 ultra light wands dedicated for face and body. Offering a broad range of sessions such as Cryoslim®, Cryotone®, Cryolift®.

Cryoslim® sessions take 30-40 minutes depending on the area of the body. After a session is completed there is a 2 week waiting period for final results. This session has an alternation of different cold & warm temperatures.

Cryotone® uses programmable temperature ranges between +38 to -15 in order to improve the appearance of skin and elasticity.

Cryolift® sessions are designed for the face & neck. This procedure is particularly efficient to tighten the skin, redefining the oval of the face and lifting the skin of the neck. 

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