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Grow Your Business With Open Sea Distribution

Our technological advancements started over a decade ago with the creation of Cryo-One Italia. Shortly after Selene is created with the help of QMD Medical Devices, ever since we've helped distribute multiple brands and provide the best service in the industry.


We have a  training and accreditation program created with your medspa in mind. We cover technical, practical, sales and marketing. We offer onsite training or online one on one training. We’ve partnered up with experts in Sales to provide you valuable insight on what works best for your clients as they are not all the same. We have an in person training center in Florida, here you will learn how to use your device to achieve the best results, how to sell packages, and how to integrate our device with your business!



Open Sea Distribution is in 21 countries and expanding. We’ve partnered up with 2 marketing businesses to help you sell your services.


With the help of our partners 6 Figure Medspa & My Sales Butler, we are able to help you target your ideal clients and promote your service. This will help you get clients asking for your service even before the arrival of your device!

Tech Support

Since we are direct to the manufactures, we have repair centers that stock parts and have service technicians with decades of experience readily available to troubleshoot most issues over WIFI, call, or text message. Most of our devices are WIFI compatible allowing us to remotely diagnose your device or update it. We have manufacturing network facilities in Italy and in France producing new technology capable of repairs or quick replacements as required.


Our Products


Cryoskin’s newest release is finally here, after much needed and awaited updates, The Revolution is released with compact and easy to operate functions.


There are preset programs with duration and temperature tailored for the specific body area for men and women. The 3 treatment sessions (CryoSlim, CryoTone and CryoLift) are operated manually with the same hand-piece or with the newly designed static heads.

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Cryo-One Angelique

Angēlique + by Cryo One was designed to revolutionize the Cryotherapy Industry. Designed to be easy to use and best of all deliver results beyond all other competitors. We developed Angēlique with you and your customers in mind, thus delivering the best experience possible.

Collagen Lift Paris

Collagen Lift Paris is liquid collagen which has gone through rigorous testing and has been certified and is completely safe to ingest. In fact, drinking liquid collagen is the most effective way to replenish your body’s natural collagen. Collagen plays a vital role in maintaining the structure and elasticity of your skin, and it rapidly depletes as you age. Without replacing it, your skin will begin to show the tell-tale signs of aging.

But if you replace that collagen, you can defy the signs of aging. 

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NMS by Cryoskin

The Neuro-Muscular Stimulation (NMS) by Cryoskin is the only technology in the world allowing you to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. This is achieved through electrostimulation and electromagnetic fields. The distributor of the NMS machine is Open Sea Distribution. 

Selene G0

Sèlene Go is the portable version of Sélene. It has the same functions as qmd® Sélene, but it is much more compact and practical to carry around. It is the ideal device if a client has several studios, for those who have little space and also ideal for domestic treatments. Sélene GO almost reaches the performance of the larger model.

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Cryo-One Avalanche

Avalanche is an all electric Cryo Chamber  that is going to be released by Cryo-One in 2021