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Our Goal

Open Sea Distribution helps MedSpa professionals  get top of the line Body Contouring devices such as Cryoskin Revolution and Angēlique by Cryo One. Collagen Lift Paris is a drinkable collagen that can reduce wrinkles up to 50%.

We provide the best advice through our distributor experts on session pricing, package sales, hands on training on your device, and we provide technical support

How We Invest To Help You


Product Training

Our  training is completed through zoom, or an in-person technique workshop. We have approved training centers across the U.S. These centers are chosen because they are trusted and highly trained providers of the service. Upon passing the training, you will receive a certificate of training completion. The training is at no cost to you except for travel to get to one of our training centers, which are located in major cities in the U.S. 

After your initial training, we continue answering any questions you may have and we provide additional training resources, videos, pictures, and a support from our staff.


On a scale of 1-10 95% of our customers rated our customer support experience a 10. We strive to be the most helpful by being available for our partners, we provide as much assistance as we can and directing you to our most knowledgeable team member to get your problem solved! Upon receiving your device we will guide you step by step on how to use it and integrate it with your business.

As a partner with us, Open Sea Distribution provides technical support for the lifetime of your device.

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We know how hard it is for business owners to add attractive services to differentiate their business and stay relevant in the beauty industry, while being keen to expensive operating costs. Open Sea Distribution gives you the flexibility to purchase the device or rent it, risk-free.

The choice to purchase over renting your device will depend on your individual circumstances. Purchasing has a lower monthly cost, but requires a longer term commitment.

If you are confident in your business’ demand for this new modality you are offering, purchasing allows greater monthly profit and provides an end point in which you will own the device outright and have no payments. This will certainly increase the profitability of your business.

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