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prism Light pad

Prism Light Pad is the industry’s most adaptable, portable and affordable whole-body red light pad with more than 2,200 660nm red and 850nm near-infrared LEDs. 30-minute automated sessions deliver 50 milliwatts per centimeter square of full-body mitochondrial wellness. It includes Prism’s unique “one-button” automated user operation. 

Product Features

  • Largest whole body red light pad in the industry at 72”L x 36”W

  • Only red light pad that you can lay on/or cover with while laying on massage table or in bed and delivers 360 degrees of whole-body red light therapy when you purchase two pads

  • Includes a durable clear plastic cover that’s easy to disinfect with a spray or wipes

  • Includes a 1-year limited warranty

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The LightpAd 

Sports Recovery


Arthritis & Joint Pain

Skin Conditioning

& Anti-Aging

Chronic Pain


Wound & Injury Healing

Weight Loss


The patient will lie on a treatment table or bed and the pad(s) are placed under and/or on top of the body. Push the on button to begin the 30-minute automated session. When the system is on, the patient will feel a slight warming sensation, like a warm hug. They should take this time to relax and enjoy the mitochondrial level healing. Once the 30-minute session automatically times out, transfer the pad to the other side. Achieve 360 degrees of full-body red light therapy in a 30-minute session when you purchase two pads. 

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