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LifeCube is an innovative, efficient, & electric Cryo sauna – designed by Cosmetic Solution in Germany. This device offers your customers and patients the maximum benefits of cryotherapy – completely without nitrogen, 100% electric down to -110 ° C.

  • No periodic purchase of nitrogen-tanks necessary

  • No danger of Nitrogen gases escaping

  • Low power consumption 

  • Built in Germany with high quality parts



  • Single Chamber starts at $105,900

  • Dual Chamber starts at $159,000

Untitled design-36.png

The Lifecube 

  • Temperatures as Low as -166°F 

Untitled design-35.png
  • Comes in multiple colors including white, red, black & walnut.

  • LifeCube helps you save costs in the long run with a low power consumption and small maintenance costs

  • The best build quality directly from Germany

  • Electrical cryo chambers pose no health risks such as suffocations or frostbites as do nitrogen chambers

Benefits from Cryo Chambers

  • Makes you feel better

  • Improves angle of motion

  • Quickens athletic recovery

  • Increases vitality

  • Improves anti-aging

  • Triggers weight loss

  • Enables muscle relaxation

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Reduces pain

Profitability & Profit Calculation

A simplified and estimated profitability calculator for the purchase of a cold chamber – all prices & invoices may vary. All statements without guarantee

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