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Our Luxury whole-body cryotherapy units are specifically designed for incorporation into high profile training centers, stadiums, gyms, and health centers . With chambers accommodating 1-8 people at once. 


Avalanche Duo can offer treatments to several people simultaneously maintaining a stylish and modern finish. The Avalanche Duo has evolved into its present form after years of experience producing similar systems to some of the world's leading sports teams.

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Avalanche DUO
-2 Person

Health Benefits

  • Promotes Collagen Production

  • Increased vitality and energy levels

  • Works to get rid of bad fats and boost metabolism

  • Relieves pain, stress, and sleep disorders

  • Boosts the immune system

Device Benefits

  • Safest system on the market today

  • Easy to operate with intuitive user interface

  • Reaches -220 F

  • Very spacious

  • Depending on model, average monthly electric bill is $120-$300

  • Ventilation system and auto shut down technology

  • Oxygen monitoring

  • Full touchscreen controls

  • Bluetooth speakers for music

  • Privacy Glass

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Avalanche DUO
-4 Person

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Avalanche DUO
-6 Person

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